Tropicana tours was established in Amman in 1996, jordan to serve the international travel and tourism industry, with a full range of professional services, in line with new trends and exceptions in global travel, jordan has always been a gateway to the holy land region of jerusalem and bethlehem, and in the past decade it has also emerged and exciting new detention in its own right.

Tropicana tours specializes in arranging custom-made tours for incoming groups with a particular emphasis on theme, and special interest packages, such as camel or fours, and natural history tours that include the unique regions of the dead sea ad wadi araba, wadi rum, the gulf of aqaba and the eastern desert. our close links with major hotel and transport companies in jordan allow us to arrange tailor-made packages to meet the specific interests of international holiday makers and tour operators.

we have also helped develop jordan as new destination for incentive travel to become an increasingly important part of jordan’s appeal. given the wide variety of unusual and fun activities for foreign visitors to enjoy, such as camel and horseback trekking, desert safaris, mountin and hill walking and hiking, riding steam trains in the land of lawrence of arabia, enjoying sumptuous banquets in medieval crusader and arab castles. diving and snorkeling in the warm, crystal clear waters of red sea, exploring biblical cities at the lowest spot of earth.( dead sea ) or strolling through scores of monumental antiquities, including greco-roman cities such as jerash, pella, and gadara, and the unique, rock carved city of petra ( rose city ) .

accordingly we have devised several packages that combine a stay in jordan with visits to egypt, syria, lebanon and the holly land.

we look forward to serving you in jordan and the middle east, and we are certain that jordan will enchant you and provide many years of fond memories for you and your traveling clients.